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casa enrico

you would think, after the fifth visit
the Casa there is nothing new. She gave us back
captured with their beauty. Particularly
the new terrace has the casa all the more enjoyable.
Just as we, You'd better now
. relax Look at the slideshow on.
All other impressions there as
Frames with comment.

cucina italiana

The casa has inspired us to cook Italian.
The ideal place we have for dinner on the now
wider front terrace with a direct view on
the sea found. Here our food. Who home
want to cook Italian, I recommend our
Recipe page. Just click here and then print
the recipes. bon appetito

Mediterranean herbs

they all grow at the casa enrico

the weather oracle

judging by the ants, it is a
hard winter. In July they carry firewood
in their reactors.


buzz at the lemon tree and bougainvillea on the
casa. This photo brings happiness.

carciofi e mare

along the way from the casa to the village

Look at Salice

slightly below the casa enrico



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