about the blogger peter

I am now ch career and retired member of the Brotherhood
the gray blocks after I always prefer a Djelabah
(See below) tote.
I used all-purpose manager in many companies.
(Geiling advertising agency, Masius advertising agency,
Trumpf chocolate, Gillette domestically and abroad,
General Foods, Carnation- lucky clover, Holsten beer,
Rathenower appearance as a senior account executive, senior product manager,
Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, General Manager.)
The theater I no longer needed. I feel
well and enjoy life, like to take pictures,
travel still prefer'm home in Wedel and Vienna.
In my professional life I have digitizing
able to witness (in the office and at the advertising agencies).
This does not deaden my gray cells I
retired learns the Computerei. How this all started?

Hardly in Unruhestand me the employees of
By that I used often instructed to have the
MAC trained. I have yours Freehand, Photoshop and
QuarkXPress learned. Then I have a MAC cube
purchased, then a Centris, then much later one of the
first iMac's and home made ​​further Wedel.
After I fit in, text design and editorial
software, I have designed books (self-taught) and
my performance (as a hobby) sold. This resulted in the
Local chronicle of sorrow field.
I was of the Behindertengmeinschaft Wedel
addressed a brochure for a barrier-free Wedel
to set and coordinate the pressure. Have I made.

Because the printing was happy with my new knowledge,
I did a little in the prepress printing
dabbled and customer magazines and ground leaves
created and supported. That was me
then not enough challenge and I started in
Incorporate Presentation Software. It originated with
a friend in Kappeln for agencies and clients
Logos, commemorative publications and presentations GL (digitized).
Soon I switched to windows, because
Career pensioners are not just the buying and
Use group for MACs. Because my pensioner
Employment began to boom, employed
I with HTML and JavaScripts and then sat down with
Dreamweaver my first web page Created
Many still are in the web.
As a music lover, I had a lot of LPS, which I have
then verabeitet to CDs and am in the world of
Tondigitalisierung occurred. So I have for example. many
Pieces from the wild 60's in Hamburg (Beatlemania time)
rock and roll digitized and saved for a friend.
I always have me for intense Travel
interested, (Brittany, Morocco, Algarve, Cinque Terre,
Abruzzo, Umbria, Tuscany, Vienna)
and did a lot with my Pentax, Lumix later, now
Casio Exilim ZR200 photographed.
Images should not rot on hard drives but
to the public. So I started blogging
First with wordpress and blog.de.
However, the templates were not enough for me
and I began to deal with CMS.
The platforms offered were not practical.
Now I use überewiegend for wordpress
my hoster Host Europe, since I have 10 blogs.
Have difficulties
I'm still with the establishment of networks
(My wife has a notebook) and the
Connection of notebook, netbook and ipod touch
Have me worried but some books.
ITouch, navigation and phone can I operate error-free
and they gebrauche.
As almost Durchblicker (PC, Mac, Linux) I am happy to help
with computer problems and installations in the
Neighborhood and with friends.

Other blogs I publish
under www.hapetho.de

it is in Arabic
Calligraphy something important for me:

Morocco our dream

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