high time to see again after things.
We decided to take a vacation there.
the detailed report.

il fotografo

the should not be seen. He is behind the camera,
let's see how long I hold it.

il tempo

when angels as we travel, then it can only be as
to be. Every day we were rewarded in the Cinque Terre,
because where the journey began.

panorama dalla casa

who wants to know more about Montaretto and the
Area looking into these earlier pages, even from me.
Please click here .

Montaretto in Google Earth

here you can coordinate for Google Earth
download. If you have Google Earth installed, then
double-click on the download, the files in your own /
download lands and you fly by fast times

la citazione

There is a poster of "friends" from the
2007. Hannelore and I like the summer in
Montaretto almost better than the spring.

June is the best time for us


when contemplating the calm and gentle attention
determined on an idea, then manifested the
in this shot, I think.

manga benissima

Maneesha costs the sea bass in salt crust ......
Other dishes: Patate rosmarino, Tagliatelle Catherine,
Alici al forno Anugito ...
These dishes and much more you can as recipe
click here. Of course, as a PDF. clicking here

what a treat ......

il tavolo

at this beautiful table we sat in the evening,
Drunk wine from Orvieto, much talked to each other.
Called the hit of the 60s from memory,
first listened to the nightingale, then wild boars
heard grunting and the mating dance of the fireflies
watched. Pure romance. ....

la tabula

What we ate there so everything?
branzino in crosta di sale, patate rosmarino, tagliatelle
Constanze, marmellata di limoni levanto. Anugito has
the predicate: grande cheffe deserves. salute with
Wine from Orvieto.
The poster 50 x 60 cm I will print and then let the
both give each other for this beautiful time.
For our friends there are recipes. Click

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