have made ​​a trip there.
it all seems so peaceful ......
in the center, behind the Abruzzo

Basilica di Santa Maria di Colle Maggio

destroyed on 6.4.2009

the nave


Hedging arrangements

it was indeed made ​​some, but is ultimately
only the building has been secured.

collapsed the former main dome

everything is now buried under a green lawn in front of the door

Berlusconi promises

The whimsical delight old man and supposed savior
Italy has said: ... ..that we build quickly
on. .... Word of honor. It was immediately after the
devastating earthquake, after seeing it in
Had made ​​appearances.
We convinced ourselves and probably the biggest
Seen large-scale trial for inability of politicians,
seen a deserted city, a kind
modern-day coliseum with steel cables
reinforced seen a destroyed church.
No wonder the residents traumatized
. remain There is a photo gallery

.... not the Romans spiders, but Berlusconi.

San Pi etro Celestino


That is the reason why I
so much for interest.
Saint Peter the patron saint
this basilica.
Way, we were at his
Great day there,
St. Peter u. Paul, are both
my other name
(Hans-Peter, Paul, Walter)
therefore my interest.

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