The house in the Abruzzi

we decided after Capitignano
to drive. It was there less hot.
The house sign has designed Roberta, a girlfriend.
Roberta lives in Umbria in a beautiful country house,
we have already been there to visit.
At that time there were no digital cameras.

Stefania and Edilio

Stefania received her birthplace and loving it
restored with Edilios craftsmanship.
It has become a jewel in a seismically safe
Mountain village in the National Park.
Capitignano is located just 210 km from Rome and
is erreicht.rreicht quickly by car.

Google Street View

so the house appears in Google Street View.
you may be on this link to view.
You invite from my server a
File downloaded, you then in a
opens new window. The file can be found
download after the download folder.
Has one SV, it can also be equal to
open this program.

just some pictures from the house

we want the whole uniqueness of the public
not reveal.
Better safe than sorry .......

the staircase


the indoor terrace


Stefania and the wooden kitchen oven


the view from the attic room


the view of the garden verwildereten

(Like from a fairy tale book)
Incidentally, the house has two floors, one indoor and two
Outdoor patios, a wild garden with seating area under
Virginia creeper, a loft with a
Philosophers window, 3 bedrooms, 2 showers,
1 bathroom with a view of the roof,
2 separate kitchens, an original fireplace,
a wood kitchen stove, and much, much
Space for Stefania and Edilios large family
and guests.

detail, we show the Town Hall

simply gives itself the place, not only the coat of arms makes us
think of Corsica. Capitignano is a sleepy mountain village,
which has not yet been occupied by tourism.

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