the magnolia

we were so long in Monteporzio C as it takes that
from the flowers approach
a magnificent flower was.
The massive magnolia tree growing right in front of Mori's house.

The story of the oak flooring

Edilio + Stefania are about to renovate their home,
all oak flooring is laid. Our joy,
to be back with you, let the chaos fade.

Google Earth

Anyone with Google Earth here may be the
Coordinates of the location and download
the surrounding view from the air.

therefore more from Monte Porzio Catone

that was our goal. In the vicinity of Rome, located in
southwesterly direction in the Alban Hills.
451 m high, there where it clearly
is cooler because where lives nearby uader Pope,
into the village with 10,000 inhabitants
several churches and a monastery of silence,
the Hermitage of Camaldoli, founded in 1620 in the middle
in the wine region of Frascati. Wine can also
buy there with the monks (men only).

View from the house on Monteporzio

from the upper terrace, in the background the mountains
at Tivoli. Edilio way, is the most fearless
Diesel driver in Italy. We both know each other for
more than 30 years. They have with their four children in
Wedel usual and recently visited us in Vienna.
more than 30 years. They have with their four children in
Wedel usual

in place

a bar on the square overlooking Grottaferata

Italian Stage

here an opera could be performed on the street.


as we were once, on a less hot day,
easy to reach by bus from Monteporcio.

But ... rather buy the wine here

in the monastery of silence at the hermit that I
have already mentioned. Here, only men
tolerated when shopping.

there was finally Pizza

wafer-thin dough as bianca with potato slices, with
Zucchini undklassisch with salami. Place of Purchase: bakery next
the market hall.

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