Fatima watches over our property

Direct from the souk in Marrakech in the 17th district in Vienna.
She now has a permanent place next to the thermostat in the
Living room. You can look from there to St. Mary's Church. It is
protect us.

fiat lux

Now all structural measures are Gschwandnergasse
completed. The bathroom had only a light bulb as a ceiling lamp.
The MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) has a design shop.
There we discovered the lamp condom, which you simply inverts
on the bulb and it will light (translucent, green, yellow, red with us).
Installation was no net swear !!

15 years Eistraum am Rathaus

Exactly 15 years ago, someone had the idea before the City Council
to build in Vienna in winter a skating rink. Now she is already
5600 m2 and delighted by New Year until March visitors.
You can rent skates and his rounds for little
Turn money in an atmospheric environment.
Jan, who works nearby in the university, has now for
lunch own skates given.
Here are the FILM do so.


which is not quite as spectacular as the frozen Alster in
Hamburg, but we have at minus 10 degrees above the icicles
enjoyed on our terrace. He now sparkles in the morning sun.

dacapo An-Do fish

we could not resist and have us a dacapo
granted. There is also a lunch menu (€ 8.50 + € 10.80).
This time we had gurnard, grilled whole. This eatery
can really recommend. Evening (fine guests), noon
(Mainly bobos *). The Yppenmarkt dressing up.
Here are a few pictures from the restaurant.
What you should still try is a new Italian
in the Payergasse (corner Yppenmarkt), ie the weather.
Is a new restaurant by a Swiss designer who converted
has saddled and already a lot of respect with his
former local has cooked up Expedit in the 2nd district.
* Note: The bo Bo urgeoise hemien 'is a new type, which maintains a gentle materialism, accurate and creative
at the same time and our social, cultural and political life is increasingly shaped ...... Boboville ... .. increasing the area
around the fountain market in the 16th district (from wikki).

for our younger guests

New! The apartment now has a Manner Schnittomaten. Marion
and Jan gave me this wish fulfilled. In our district
Hernals is well known, the men factory (sometimes it smells
throughout the Gschwandnergasse for chocolate), now there are
free of charge for all children and visitors remained childlike adults Manner. The machine is on the sideboard next to the sofa to pleasing use.
PS. Ewald should always use when he feels like it.

Double birthday 23.1.2010

We have Hannelore's birthday and my Viennese friends
celebrated. The apartment is small but cozy and not all
Friends fit into it. This time we have with Marion + Jan,
Jorgi, Nasrin + Ewald celebrated. There were guinea fowl Mquali (with
Chermoula), as appetizers Bokkola B'Zitun (spinach salad with
Olives and pickled lemon salt), Briouat (with goat cheese
and shrimp filling). For dessert there were oranges / Dattelsalat
with orange water and cinnamon. Jorgi, our Brazilian friend,
He mixed a Caipirinha. Ewald came in Hajj garb, I
had my Djellabah. Was not quite Islamic much, much
Wine drunk. The recipes are still in my Recipes-
Blog added. .Guests Here, we
this time could not entertain, be invited in the spring.
Wine is already ordered! There are late Red Rotgipfler 2008 by the
Beranek. A blend of Zierfandler and Rotgipfler, the only
in the thermal region to Gumpoldskirchen are (autochon).

our natural fridge

Wine was once again from Beranek.
We make sure that there is always a supply in the house.
This wine needs cold - there was the Naturkühl-
cabinet just right ............

the Winter Wonderland

Even the journey there brought a snow cover of
Wedel to Vienna. Our terrace greeted us with snow.
It was always below 0 degrees, winter and beautiful. This time was
our stay in Vienna instead quite extensively in the apartment.

.... still on the Arabian Travel

Morocco after our visit we also search in Vienna
Arabic cuisine. Are the same in the next district in Waehring
we found it. A non spektulärer snack on the height
the Kutschkermarktes has inspired us. A Lebanese cooks
authentic here. Manakich's, eg Zaatar (Pizza with
Thyme), Fatayer's (stuffed dumplings), Maqaniq's (homemade lamb sausages), Hummus, Falafel and eggplant with tahini. Anything to take away.
(Take the 9 Bim, then the direction of belt 41 austeigen,
at the stop Kutschkermarkt). C`bon, pas cher!

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