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th all my posts are now with WPB2D
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backup stored. Security for the case
of cases. The databases do I backup
additionally at Host Europe.

Return journey

Hernals of the S45 to Handelskai,
d location change to the train to Wolf Thal
Time required 1h 15 minutes




I prepare another slide show. Here you go with the collage
of Horticulture Museum Kagran
There you can admire garden tools, visit all greenhouses and walk in the Monet Garden. A discovery! Transdanubia (for non-Austrians beyond the Danube) 'Perhaps even more beautiful than the botanical garden of the castle Bellevue!
Because it was there so beautiful here the slideshow.

no blog without Bratlfett

Still life by Leitner on Wilhelminenberg

blanc de noir

This year I was the 2013er when Beranek,
enjoy my favorite Winery in Rodaun.
He has plenty of slammed in the price, the bottle
there are now around € 8.50

Long Night of Churches

This time we visited the Steffelbauer and then
the chapel of St. Stanislaus, the first Jesuit
was canonized.


white and blue in the Geschwandnergasse on the table

Roses in the garden People

this year everything was 2-3 weeks earlier, so could
I enjoy the blossoming folk garden.

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